Marcelo Barticciotto and his analogy of the Superclásico with boxing

The Superclásico that Colo Colo performed continues to cause repercussions and this time it was Marcelo Pablo Barticciotto who referred to the 3-1 victory against Universidad de Chile at the El Teninente stadium.

The colocolino idol made a great analogy of the Cacique’s victory with boxing and pointed to the first two blows that Gustavo Quinteros’ team made at 10 minutes of Superclásico.

“At 10 minutes the boxer in white had already hit two blows that hit his opponent’s face squarely and he started early to win the fight. The man in blue felt the onslaught and there was little he could do to counteract a rival who went straight to win “, began in its editorial in Al Aire Libre de Radio Cooperativa.

He further added that, “The one in blue fell to the canvas and they counted him to nine. He was able to get up, but he was already touched and the blows made their mark in the rest of the contest. The one in white was able to liquidate an uneven fight in technique and strategy. The one in blue wanted to go look for him to recover the points he was losing, but the blows did not reach their destination or were not hard enough to make his rival stagger ”.

Marcelo Pablo Barticciotto and the Superclásico

Finally, he closed his analogy in the following way. “The one in white loosened the attacks and changed the strategy. He let his opponent come, who had no strength or conviction. Backing up a bit, without going to look for him as in principle, and still throwing blows in what was already a won fight. The one in blue in the middle of the fight also changed the strategy and went looking for him, began to risk a little more, sometimes throwing punches off guard, giving the white one the chance to land the third blow. The favorite struck the A fatal blow against him, he pulled out his hand that hit his opponent’s chin squarely, and he no longer rose. He wanted to do it out of dignity and shame, but he couldn’t. Beyond the analogy I make with boxing, this is football and revenge always comes. The one in blue will have to prepare more than ever to end this negative streak of so many years and that the fans will hope so much to see broken “.

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