Marcelo Ebrard is uncovered for the Presidency

Marcelo Ebrard, Secretary of Foreign Relations (SRE), made it clear that he will seek the Presidency of the Republic in the next federal elections in 2024.

In an interview with Joaquín López-Dóriga on Radio Fórmula, Ebrard Casaubón affirmed that he will seek to be a candidate for Morena and that he has no other scenario to reach the Presidency.

Of course I do … I’m going through the process in Morena, I don’t have another scenario in mind, and I’m going to participate in whatever Morena determines and we’ll be there. There is a long way to go, there are still two years to go, ”said Ebrard.

The Mexican Foreign Minister thanked President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for having named him on the list of presidential candidates to succeed him.

However, he pointed out that both he and his team of collaborators are clear that they should not be distracted in the presidential succession, which was advanced by President López Obrador only halfway through his administration.

“I thank the president for making me on that list that he released that day. What the president does is put on the table, which by the way is not usual, those who he thinks have done a job that can be considered in 2024. Now, there is no need to be distracted, “he stressed.

“I told my friends during a meal: ‘We are going to do something, this will be in two years, of course I am interested in participating and of course it is something that has been with a life commitment, but I ask you to be clear that first you have to carry out the responsibilities, and when it is called in two years to participate, we will be there, ‘”he added.

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