Marcelo Espina does not doubt it: "Colo Colo is the largest in Chile"

Talk about Marcelo Fabian Espina, is talking about an undisputed idol of Colo Colo. The Argentine midfielder from the first day he wore the Cacique shirt made it clear that he would become an indelible person in the club’s history.

Espina was champion with Colo Colo as a player and in addition, he was coach and sports director of the institution, so practically all his life he has been linked to the Eternal Champion and the Squid whenever he can, he remembers with nostalgia what the Cacique means in his story.

In a talk show with ESPN, he reviewed his career and arrival at Colo Colo and said that “in the second year they began to love me a little more, the first year was somewhat unstable. It took me a bit to get settled in, the team didn’t do so well and they saved me two things in the first year: I scored 14 goals, which for a midfielder was a lot and in the first classic I scored two goals “.

Later, when asked about the relevance and importance of the Chief in the country, he did not hesitate to point out that “Colo Colo is the largest in Chile, it is the town and it is from Arica to Magallanes as the hymn says and where you go, people are very passionate. ”

Finally, he argued that “Colo Colo is very big and when you are not a player you are in another role you realize that it is bigger“.

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