Marcelo guarantees that the resilience of health professionals is “in everyone’s mind” (and he thinks that vaccination of children “is good news”).

Mario Cruz / Lusa

The President of the Republic guaranteed, this Thursday, that “in the minds of all Portuguese people” and of the Government is the notion that health professionals “are resistant”, highlighting their “resilience and resistance” during the pandemic.

“In the minds of all Portuguese people, ministers, secretaries of state, deputies, the President of the Republic, health professionals are resistant. We wish we were always so tough how much they were, are and will be”, said Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, in Braga.

Confronted with the position of the Medical Association, which considered that Marta Temido “lost all credibility” when she stated this Wednesday, during a hearing at the parliamentary committee on Health, that it is necessary to think “about expectations and selection” of doctors , the head of state declined to comment.

The minister of Health, who answered questions from deputies about the “difficulties that the Setúbal Hospital Center (CHS) is facing”, said that the “resilience” should be a factor to take into account when hiring health professionals, adding that, in his view, this is an element as important “as the technical competence”.

“We now have a priority in the health field, which is to face vaccination, speeding up (…) and investing so that the National Health Service can face the recovery of what was left behind and has already started to be recovered in consultations, in surgeries, in services that were sacrificed during the years 2020 and 2021”, stated the President of the Republic.

“This is the key. For this, what is fundamental we have to be united and I don’t waste a minute with quarrels about what doesn’t exist”, he warned.

Asked about the recent opinion of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which gave the green light to vaccinate children from five to 11 years against covid-19, Marcelo considered that it is “good news”.

“This is good news, because precisely the numbers show that one layer that showed an increase in the numbers of contagion was that of children, unvaccinated children”, he referred.

“It requires an additional effort, but here we are to do it”, added the President of the Republic.

As for the evolution of the pandemic in Portugal, the head of State considered that “the life goes on“but he appealed to the Portuguese to “have their minds” and comply with the sanitary rules that “social coexistence imposes”.

“Life goes on. It naturally continues with the attention that has always been present in the minds of the Portuguese, attention to the respect for sanitary measures, but life goes on, economic activity goes on, commerce goes on, industry goes on, services go on, what is fundamental in people’s lives goes on.”

For the head of State, the Christmas and New Year period that is approaching “is very important” for the Portuguese to do two things: “The first is to be sensible in what the sanitary rules social life imposes are, but do not let to believe in what is fundamental, life goes on, it will continue until the end of this year and will continue next year”, he warned.

let’s not postpone life, let’s live it with common sense, but in a spirit that is a spirit of looking to the future”, he declared.

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