Marching through the village

On May 1st, the Braz musicians paraded through the village with the May blowing.

Early in the morning the musicians of the “Brozer Musig” started at Mühleplatz and marched towards the church. Strengthened by a good breakfast at OMV, they accompanied the first communion children to their festive service. Then they moved on to Ausserbraz and delighted the population here with marching music. The first communion children and their families were also happy about a few marches during the agape at Haus Klostertal. Valentin Bargehr and his team then fed the musicians at Gasthof Rössle. The Braz musicians thank the OMV and the Gasthof Rössle for the catering and the fire brigade for the accompaniment.

The Braz music association invites you to the open air festival on June 11th. Youth bands play from 6 p.m., after which it’s “Musikverein Braz (g)ruf” until 11 p.m. Afterwards, entertainment will be provided with music and a DJ.

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