Marcianeke throws flowers at Iván Morales for singing ‘Dímelo Ma’

Without a doubt Marcianeke is the revelation singer of Chile and currently breaks it on social networks. Some of his songs are viral on Instagram and, above all, on Tik Tok.

Its viralization has made several young people listen to it regularly and have it currently at the top. Several Colo Colo players, especially the youth players, also know about Marcianeke.

He is even a regular in the colocolino dressing room and the bus, even a couple of times they have gotten off the bus listening to the Chilean cantente with a speaker at full throttle.

Iván Morales is one of his fans, so much so that in his nomination for the Chilean team he sang ‘Dímelo Ma’ and drew the applause and laughter in one of the many concentrations of the Red.

Marcianeke, the revelation singer

Marcianake remembered that moment and in conversation with Soy Chile, he related it, true to his style. “I have caught several players who listen to my music. I follow the national team, I get a lot of stories. Iván Morales was quite fired up by the compadre”, he expressed.

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