Marco Zunino will be a ‘sugar daddy’ in ‘Control Z’ – 2

Marco Zunino is happy with the success of the premiere of the second season of the series ‘Control Z’, which airs on Netflix, as it is positioned in the top 10 of the most watched programs on this platform worldwide.

This production tells the story of a group of upper-class adolescents who confront a hacker who with the help of technology reveals his secrets, causing a great lack of control inside the school where they study.

The premiere was two weeks ago and that day it obtained the first place in Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico, the following week it was in sixth place and now it is among the ten most popular programs on this platform”, Zunino specified.

In this new installment, just over a year after its debut, your character ‘Damián’ (former soccer player) faces new problems.

He has a problem with his son ‘Javier’, who was about to die. ‘Damien’ will try to get closer to him, but he only finds one way to do it and that is through money. He also deals with his ‘rolls’, his loneliness, having been a soccer star with money and it is at that moment that he starts dating ‘chibolitas’, he gets into an App called ‘Sugar Daddy’, where he finds chibolas At that moment another conflict will arise when discovering who those chibolitas are. The plot will get stronger and more tangled for my character.

The Peruvian Marco Zunino in "Control Z".  (Photo: Netflix)
The Peruvian Marco Zunino in “Control Z”. (Photo: Netflix)

The plot of the series is based on real events.

That’s right, it tells of the experience of the boys in a school and how cyberbullying became a constant threat for them. This is a reality not only in Mexico, but in all of Latin America, which is why many young people identify with it. In this new season the hacker wants to do justice to the boy who dies in the first season, then he starts attacking everyone and everyone is terrified.

Apart from this job, do you have another Netflix proposal?

This Monday I begin to record another project, but I cannot speak much, they have asked me for a lot of reservation, but I am very enthusiastic and I will also participate in a play, which is not musical, with Mexican artists, so there we are moving forward.

The cinema is in your plans …

I’m waiting for the premiere of ‘The best families’ by Javier Fuentes, which will be on the billboard at the Lima Film Festival this August 26.

Changing the subject, in Mexico the case of Laura Bozzo is ringing loud.

The medium is really so big here, there is so much celebrity that sometimes nobody finds out about things that happen, but Laura is everywhere, however I don’t know what is happening with her.

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