Marcos Paz official drove drunk and crashed: the breathalyzer gave 6 times more than allowed

An outrageous case took place in the streets of Morón. An official in charge of the Marcos Paz Undersecretary for Political Action crashed drunk and the road controls recorded six times more blood alcohol than allowed.

The event occurs less than ten days before the municipality of Marcos Paz implements “zero alcohol” at the wheel, due to the number of accidents and loss of life suffered annually.

The breathalyzer test gave 2.99, when the allowed is 0.5 in blood. The accident took place in the early hours of last Sunday in Rivadavia and Boatti, but it transpired in the last hours and affected two cars that were parked, although there were no fatalities.

Osvaldo González, the 68-year-old official, was traveling in a Citroën Aircross with his adult son. Due to his drunken state, he performed a bad maneuver that ended with his vehicle colliding with a Mercedes Benz and a Chevrolet.

After what happened, González was dismissed from his position and will face a cause. In addition, Control Urbano withdrew his driver’s license but not his car, since his son did not have alcohol in his blood.

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