Marcus and Martinus with deficits for the third year in a row

In 2020, the twin duo Marcus and Martinus Gunnarsen (20) went on a financial spree with the three companies M & M Artister, MM Concerts and M & M Merchandise.

Revenues plunged 12 million from the year before, and the duo went with a staggering deficit of close to 7.5 million.

Marcus and Martinus were supposed to have been on a world tour in 2020, but due to the pandemic, this was canceled and the income was not forthcoming.

Revenues on the rise

The annual accounts for 2021 are now ready in the Brønnøysund Register, and this shows that last year ended somewhat better than the crisis year 2020.

The deficit is just under 60,000 for the three companies, and revenues have increased by a total of NOK 1 million, to NOK 3.7 million.

But the economy is still affected by the aftermath of the corona pandemic. The accounts of the company MM Concerts AS state that the company’s three employees have been partially laid off throughout the year.

In previous years, the company M&M Merchandise AS has raised millions on the sale of, among other things, sweaters, bedding and photos, but in recent years this company has run a loss.

Deficit for several years in a row

Although 2020 was the year in which the duo went with by far the largest deficit, they also went with a deficit in 2019. This was explained at the time by the fact that they had planned one year with less activity and concerts.

– After very high international travel activity in 2017 and 2018, 2019 has been a strategic year where hard work in the previous year has given very good results and at the same time given Marcus & Martinus the freedom to focus on the next step of his career. In addition, 2019 has been a year for voice change and schooling, said former press contact, Marte Schei, to VG at the time.

Good evening Norway has tried to get a comment from the duo’s management on Friday, but they have not yet responded to our inquiries.

Suffers no distress

The twin duo were among the artists who performed during the season premiere of “Allsang på grensen” on TV 2 this week.

The brothers were also very surprised when it became known last month that they had won the Swedish music competition “Maskorama”.

They first broke through with the winning song “Two drops of water” during the Melodi Grand Prix Junior in 2012, and since then they have had great success at home and abroad.

The years of deficits come after several years of impressive results for the boys.

The Marcus and Martinus companies raised a total of NOK 62.3 million in 2017 and at the end of the year had equity of NOK 29.7 million. It did not go worse in 2018, we must believe the figures correctly, which shows that the M&M companies had a total of 65.8 million in revenue.

Despite several years of deficit, the 20-year-olds do not suffer any financial hardship.

The total equity in the three companies is still NOK 32.7 million, according to the annual accounts.

A dividend of NOK 2.5 million was also taken by one of the companies.

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