Margot Wallström: Leaning towards a Swedish NATO membership

Based on the ongoing NATO debate in Sweden, Sweden’s former Foreign Minister Margot Wallström (S) concludes that it leans towards a Swedish yes to membership in the military alliance.

– I see that it is pulling in that direction, she says to SVT.

– I start to lean towards it myself, but I have also presented counter-arguments and my doubts. The nuclear issue is one such issue, so it is clear that it is receiving. But it is important to unite the party and the country. I want to help the Prime Minister and the government make a wise decision that does not polarize and divide the country.

Wallström says that she agrees with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö that a functioning dialogue with Russia is no longer possible, and she also emphasizes that it would be geopolitically difficult for Sweden to stand outside NATO if Finland chooses to join.

Thousands of S-members have their say

Within S, the so-called security policy dialogue is now underway, where members and the party district’s boards will have their say on how the party should stand up for Swedish NATO membership. On Monday, Margot Wallström led the first of three digital dialogues held this week and where all members are invited to participate. About 2,000 members attended on Monday and the meeting lasted about an hour.

Wallström says that she received questions from members about whether Sweden must join NATO right now and also views that the process is progressing too fast. The party’s announcement about NATO comes on Sunday on May 15.

– It is clear that it is not an ideal situation that during a burning war one should change one’s security policy stance. But we are to a large extent connected with Finland, and if Finland decides to join, it will immediately affect us, says Margot Wallström.

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The Social Democrats’ party secretary Tobias Baudin on the party’s forthcoming NATO announcement. Photo: SVT

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