María del Carmen Alva: “That Pedro Castillo put his hand on his chest and resign from office”

The President of the Congress of the Republic, Maria del Carmen Alva (Popular Action), said that the only solution to the political crisis that the country is experiencing today is that the president peter castle “Put one hand on your chest and resign” from the position.

In statements to the Debate program of RTV Noticias de Cusco, he pointed out that Castillo Terrones has not only shown that he is not prepared to govern, but also has many investigations to answer.

“I feel very sorry for the country, which has no job and people are starving”he specified from the Imperial City, where he has been since Tuesday as part of his activities for the week of representation.

Alva Prieto asserted that bringing forward the general elections is another option to overcome the current national political crisis, because “If (President) Castillo leaves, we all leave. No one clings to his seat ”.

On the other hand, he responded to the Minister of Defense, José Luis Gavidia, affirming that neither he nor any other authority of the Executive Branch should interfere in the parliamentary debate on the return of the parliamentary bicameral system.

He asserted that the return of the two legislative chambers (Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic) would bring many benefits, especially it would improve the quality of the laws because there would be a co-legislator, and also the representation of citizens before Parliament.

The head of Congress said that it is not true that there is a parliamentary dictatorship, much less that the current Parliament is obstructionist with respect to the actions of the Executive Power.

“I don’t know what (Defense Minister Gavidia) is talking about. It seems that there is an obsession against Congress. Zapatero to your shoes! Let (the minister) read article 206 of the Constitution (regarding the power of Congress for the total or partial reform of the Law of Laws)!”sentenced.

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