Maria Eugenia Vidal: "Together for Change will not break"

The national deputy of Together for Change, Maria Eugenia Vidalassured that the opposition coalition “is not going to break” in the face of the 2023 elections. In that sense, the former governor of the Buenos Aires province He highlighted the importance of unity for the next elections.

In dialogue with LN+, Vidal he remarked: “The ruling party may think that without PASO it will divide the opposition. They are wrong, Together for Change is not going to break up, we know the need for unity that we have to show.”

In this way, the member of the Chamber of Deputies highlighted: “We didn’t break up last year and we won the province of Buenos Aires, despite the silver plan. Regardless of what Kicillof says, the mother who lives in the suburbs knows that this government left the children without classes, that things cost more in the supermarket, no matter what story they tell you.

According to the former governor of the Buenos Aires provincethe Government he does politics “blaming the other” and does not solve people’s problems. In addition, he accused the Front of all of wanting to seek “judicial impunity” through lies.

In turn, given the possibility of a dialogue between the sector of the Kirchnerism and the one of macrismo, Vidal determined: “The call for dialogue requires things: the first is the attitude, it is not a photo, it is not a mass, it is not a WhatsApp message or a phone call, it is a construction and an attitude to review what was done wrong, to give up ideas to reach a common agreement and Kirchnerism does not have it. The second, an agenda is needed, why do we sit down to talk? There was not and there will not be as long as this government continues to be improvised. ” In that sense, the deputy assured that she wants “an honest and sincere dialogue, but that call never existed with this government.”

For its part, the referent of the PRO denounced having received threats, as did former president Mauricio macri, and questioned the front of all for having “politicized” the event. In that sense, he added: “We did not blame anyone, we accepted that situation and left it in the hands of justice. Politicizing a very serious event like the one that happened to the former president, which we all repudiate and that Justice has to clarify It’s one more setback.”

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