María Eugenia Vidal visits Tierra del Fuego with a message against the third term of the Kirchnerist mayor of Ushuaia

Vuoto together with Cristina Kirchner, The mayor of Ushuaia is also president of the PJ of Tierra del Fuego
Vuoto together with Cristina Kirchner, The mayor of Ushuaia is also president of the PJ of Tierra del Fuego

As part of his national tour, María Eugenia Vidal visits the province of Tierra del Fuego from this Thursday. There, the national deputy of the PRO for the City of Buenos Aires seeks to support the “neighborhood” strategy of Together for Change that aims to prevent the reform of the Municipal Organic Charter that would enable a re-election of Walter Vuoto.

It happens that the local mayor summoned Constituent elections next May 15with the aim of reforming the municipal Organic Charter and, in this way, try to continue commanding the southernmost city on the planet for the third time in a row.

After having toured Chubut in February, San Juan in March, Neuquén in April and Córdoba last week, now it is Tierra del Fuego’s turn for María Eugenia Vidal, who arrives today in the southern province of the country.

María Eugenia Vidal and her tour of the interior of the country
María Eugenia Vidal and her tour of the interior of the country

Vidal will support in this visit the local Together for Change list, which has the peculiarity that All the members that make up the list are neighbors who will participate in politics for the first time.

In the elections will be chosen 14 conventional regular constituents and 7 alternates, who will have the mission of reforming the Municipal Organic Charter. Although the call authorizes the modification of more than a hundred articles, the most important for the camporista mayor, and president of the Fueguino Justicialist Party, is the one that refers to the limit of a single re-election, since in 2023 his second consecutive term at the head of Ushuaia ends.

If Vuoto’s list manages to prevail in the elections, You will be able to modify the Organic Charter adjusted to your electoral needs and you will be able to stand for election next year., as well as the councilors elected for the second term. From various sectors of the ruling party they assure that they also intend to increase the number of councilors from 7 to 9 members.

Vidal, as specified by his work team, will take advantage of his visit to ushuaia Y Rio Grande to hold meetings with local entrepreneurs linked to fishing, tour operators, SMEs, in addition to learning about the electronic sector and holding meetings with leaders and young people from their space.

The city of Ushuaia
The city of Ushuaia

“We come to listen to each sector because we want to see what are the obstacles that prevent them from growing and working together to make things happen,” said the former governor of the province of Buenos Aires and added: “This is my job and as Deputy I want to better represent each Argentine.”

“It is difficult to imagine a 2023 today, when we have such an urgent Argentina, an Argentina that hurts so much,” Vidal assured. “I want to be President, but I’m not in a hurry, I want to transform my country, but when it’s my turn, it’s my turn”he clarified.

“The ‘for what’ is much more important than the ‘who'”, indicated the national deputy in radio statements, at the same time that she specified: “It could be in 2023, in 2027”.

It is worth remembering that at the beginning of the year, the former governor organized her team and began to tour the country to give “political volume” to her national figure. Ritondo has a key role, because he is the one who articulates his contacts in the provinces to coordinate the trips. In February and initially, the first destination was Chubut and the following month, San Juan.

There is something particular that characterizes this presidential tour of Vidal. The former deputy head of the Buenos Aires Government does not make fleeting visits, but lands in the chosen territory and stays for a few days. The stay involves an itinerary of meetings with provincial leaders, a tour of several cities (not just the capitals) and visits to industries and businesses. Although national deputies often travel around the country in the exercise of their role, Vidal’s objective is to recover the agenda of national leader.


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