María Fe Saldaña’s father reveals that he fought with Josimar: “I asked him to leave her in a safer legal state”

Luis Saldaña, María Fe’s father, came forward and gave details to Magaly Medina’s program about how his daughter’s relationship with the salsa singer Josimar has been, after he left for the United States and left her.

In the middle of the street, the driver’s ‘urracos’ approached him to testify and comment on the father of his future grandson. Quite concerned, the man spoke loud and clear.

“They are done, they no longer have anything, no relationship with him. She is watching her business, her mother is supporting her, who lives with her in Santa Anita. She is fine, I am dedicated to the textile clothing trade. My daughter has continued with the same. She’s doing her bingo, she knows how to make those clothes and everything else. Sometimes he buys and sells, ”he said.

María Fe Saldaña’s father reveals that he fought with Josimar: “I asked him to leave her in a more secure legal state.” Video: Magaly TV La Firme

In addition, Luis Saldaña revealed that he had a confrontation with Josimar before he left for the North American country. As he said, the ‘King of perucha sauce’ knew that he was leaving María Fe in a state of pregnancy.

“I had a conversation when he went on a trip about the topic that he was leaving, because he was not going with my daughter. I had a little fight there, I said to him ‘You’re leaving, and how is my daughter going? If my daughter doesn’t have a visa, ‘”he said.

Along these lines, he stressed that he had a presentiment of what would happen, that Josimar would not take over María Fe again. After that, he said that he asked him to leave María Fe in a better economic position.

“Then I already knew, that topic was already advanced because I am a man who already knows more or less the street. It was for you to postpone the tour and just leave here. That was the ideal, because you don’t come back, I told him, “he said.

“That is why I advocated her, to leave her in a more secure legal state. In an apartment that leaves you, if he thinks to stay, if he is leaving you adrift, “he added.

Salsero Josimar was interviewed by the program ‘En Boca de Todos’ and announced that he will stay in the United States. The news surprised drivers because her ex-partner María Fe Saldaña recently revealed that she is pregnant.

“Yes, I am staying for at least another year. I’m on a tight schedule, I’m going to be out on the 17th at the Monitor Music Awards. I have recorded a song with Oscar de León, with Luis Alberto ‘El canario’, thank God we are well, things are going well for me, “he said.

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