María Fernanda Cabal affirmed that Gustavo Petro has violated the Constitution

The Historical Pactat the head of Gustavo Petrohe proposed a pact to the Democratic Center. “If you win, we applaud you, if we win, you must obey the Constitution“said the presidential candidate.

the senator Maria Fernanda Cabal reacted in 6 AM from Caracol Radio about the candidate’s proposal, the suspension of the mayor of Medellin, Daniel Quinteroand the legalization of assisted suicide In colombia.

“It’s one of the characteristic features of the ‘leftleg‘, the first to lie is him. who has violated the Constitution from the beginning, when he was a guerrilla, it was him, and the one who continues to rape her from the institutionality it is him, because he is an expert anarchist. We have not violated the constitution,” he said. cabinl.

Suspension of Daniel Quintero

Against the invitation of Daniel Quintero of not obeying the new mayor appointed by the president Duke After her suspension, the senator stated that “she has no right, all of this is a trait of anarchism. They are sabotaging any intention, any proposal. They victimize themselves when the norm is applied to them but they laugh when that happens with another, what happens to them? Why do they have superiority over the entire legal scaffolding of a Rule of law? They who are leaders have to set an example.”

“I invite you to study what is behind the suspension of Daniel Quinterowho at no time went against the sentence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rightswhat did you say Petro lying in the Senate,” Cabal assured.

assisted suicide

Facing the decision of the Constitutional court The senator said that “I have my reservations about euthanasia and the assisted suicide, I don’t like the way they have determined it, for being a believer. But I also think of those people who live in permanent pain and in misery, it is a problem between the ethics and the reality that is very difficult to deal with in a controversy that rises to the politics“.

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