Maria Fernanda shows us her own version of Miss Fortune from League of Legends

League of Legends has managed to touch the hearts of many fans around the world, to the degree that we can see how it has a great presence among the cosplayer community, this thanks to its amazing cast of playable characters.

Something that has surprised us is that a beautiful model presents us with her own version of one of the most beloved characters of the MOBA video game from Riot Games, and we are talking about neither more nor less than Miss Fortune.

Best of all, this cosplay was made by the beautiful cosplayer model Maria Fernanda, better known as fegalvao_, in which we can see in detail how this female character would look in real life.

Undoubtedly, fegalvao_ managed to recreate Miss Fortune’s appearance in detail, so we can go deeper by seeing how she poses with the character’s official clothing, in which she is incorporated from the hat, hairstyle and one of her weapons .

The model looks great in this outfit, including the great resemblance she has with Miss Fortune, in which she takes the opportunity to show off her charming curves in front of the camera, so we are sure that more than one Main ADC has been left with her mouth. open.

Maria Fernanda has made this cosplay dedicated to the beloved character from League of Legends, but we have been able to see that the model has already taken the characters of the video game as a source of inspiration before, so she has already become an expert, yes If you want to see more of his cosplays, we recommend that you visit his official Instagram account.

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