Maria Forsblom loses it: Roaring behind the scenes – and being filmed

Maria Forsblom cannot hide her frustration. Here she complains behind the scenes – and is filmed.

Here are the profiles in “Nyhetsmorgon”

After the commercial: Here are the profiles in “Nyhetsmorgon”


Turn on sound

We usually see her running Nyhetsmorgon like a pro, but of course Maria Forsblom, 36, can also have tough days.

That was the case last Friday. Before the broadcast started, something happened that made Maria roar with frustration.

The whole thing was immortalized on film. Colleague Steffo Törnquist, 66, was quick with the camera…

Maria Forsblom complains behind the scenes

Maria and Steffo have both a professional and funny relationship. Sometimes they cover serious topics on television, sometimes they goof around on social media.

Last Friday we got to see samples of both. Before the broadcast started, everything seemed to go wrong for Maria and Steffo.

In the end, Steffo picks up the phone so they can complain. Here it is clear that both have lost their patience:

– We have two ailments this morning. Poor Maria, what is wrong with you?, begins Steffo.

Maria mutters “piss morning and “piss start” before answering:

– For once, I would manage to paint my nails without getting ugly marks. No, even this time I didn’t succeed. Shit!, says Maria and shows her hand.

Steffo believes that he has been through something worse:

– I myself had a coughing attack when I was sitting on the mug and have now had a shot in the back.

The friends laugh but surely that sounds like a bad start to the morning? Luckily it wasn’t noticed in the broadcast afterwards!

Big changes in Nyhetsmorgon

News morning is followed by millions of viewers every week and several major changes will soon be introduced.

In part, the program time will be increased by one hour on weekdays, that is from 05.45 – 12.00 Monday-Friday.

In connection with that, two new presenters also step into the studio – TV4 profiles Rania Shemoun and Thomas Ritter.

Here the presenter is forced to break in – strong reactions after the jump in TV4

At the same time, Steffo Törnquist has announced that he will scale back to one day a week instead of two:

“The idea of ​​going down to one broadcast a week is that I will last, preferably for a few more years. Each broadcast is a marathon and I’m not 25 anymore. And I’m waiting to retire until my wife Carro stops working, she’s a few years younger and having fun with his law degree,” he wrote to Svensk Damtidning at the beginning of the summer.

Then the bid was that he would step down in time after the election, but so far Steffo has appeared as usual in the TV box.

Photo: TT

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