Maria Forsblom’s cheeky sex joke live: The Nyhetsmorgon profiles break up

Maria Forsblom, Anders Pihlblad and Soldoktorn

Sex jokes on a seemingly normal Tuesday morning on TV4 – Maria Forsblom and Anders Pihlblad couldn’t keep their mouths shut afterwards!

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After the commercial: 5 things you didn’t know about Maria Forsblom


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News morning reports as usual on the very latest in the world and locally. The current affairs program is a matter of course for many during the morning, regardless of whether you are at home or at work.

Today, the focus continues to be on the unclear weather situation. The snow covers large parts of Sweden and people find it difficult to get around as a result.

News morning’s news anchor Matilda Boza turns to host Thomas Ritter. He has become famous for his means of transport to work during the snow chaos:

– Have you cycled again today?

– What do you think, Matilda? Thomas answers.

Yes, it is quite clear. News morning profile Thomas Ritter tells us that he cycled to work today as well.

We get to see a video of a snow-covered bike path and Thomas swishing by quite uncomplicated.


Sad message to the viewers – Nyhetsmorgon is being removed from TV4

Maria Forsblom’s unfortunate mistake – after Soldoktorn’s participation

Maria Forsblom and Anders Pihlblad take over from their colleagues when the clock strikes 10.00. They will row the program ashore.

After a conversation with Mikael “Soldoktorn” Sandström about the disease sepsis, Maria and Anders will continue the broadcast.

Then the unfortunate mistake occurs in the live broadcast:

— Later in the program we get inspiration for sex, I thought it said here…, says Maria, who herself is blown away by her words.

Anders Pihlblad and Maria Forsblom burst into laughter. Now it didn’t turn out quite right here…

— It’s inspiration for six travel destinations, it says.

Yes, exactly, it was! The News Morning profiles go through the best travel destinations for this year’s Christmas markets a little later in the program!

The incident surrounding TV4 that made Rania want to quit – now she tells

As it can be. We all make mistakes sometimes!

Photo: TV4, Nyhetsmorgon

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