María Pía Copello responds to those who prefer ‘Rubí’ to her new program: “Finish watching her novel”

Maria Pia Copello He used his social networks to speak after the avalanche of comments that were felt on social networks, which assured that they prefer to watch the soap opera.Ruby‘, which is broadcast at the time of the missing program ‘En boca de todos’, instead of its new program, which will be launched at the same time.

wrote the television host along with a video on her Instagram account, where she is characterized as the protagonist of the Mexican soap opera.

“I love this woman… she doesn’t give a damn about criticism with bad vibes. This is how things should be taken… Well now to finish seeing ruby ​​for the 15364638364 time…”, “I think the topic was not Ruby, but that Pia can even be seen in the soup, better opportunity to new faces”, “Always so original to take criticism with the best attitude… successes Pia”were some of the comments that his publication received.

TROME - María Pía Copello responds to those who prefer 'Rubí' to her new program:
María Pía Copello humorously took the comments she has been receiving from fans of the novel Rubí.

Maria Pia Copello She affirmed that the program that she will host at noon is an adventure for her and she wants to have a rating. In addition, she said that she laughs at the criticism and comments on networks that ask that the soap opera “Rubí” not be taken off the air.

“I know that it is a noon program, the exact time is not there nor is the airing. There will always be criticism, good or bad, that’s how this world is and one has to be “bathed in oil” to endure. I already have so many years not only on television, but also on social networks”, said María Pía.

Your partner, Carlos Vílchez, has denied that he will leave ‘JB’ to work with you…

He will have his reasons, but I know that it is confirmed and he will be with me. I guess he’s taking his time, for some important reason he can’t tell yet. To me Carlos seems like a vacilón, he is going to give that share of humor to the program that I like. I think everything will turn out well with him and we’ll see how it goes for us too, this is an adventure.

Does the rating worry you?

I want the public to see us, I want to have a rating, obviously. All of us who do television want that. We are going to give our best, but it depends on the public that gives us the opportunity, that sees us, judges us and likes it.

This proposal took you by surprise because you left ‘This is war’ to spend more time with your family…

The problem with ‘This is war’ was the schedule, my children didn’t see me. So I decided to stop working, some proposals came from other channels, but they were basically for the same hours and four years passed like that, until Mariana calls me and says: Hey, I want to do something new at noon and I want to know if you’re interested. I replied: Come on. I have a lot of confidence in her work team, in her, and we are the same, we don’t like to lose, but you never know what is going to happen. Finally, the public is the one who decides and the changes that have to be made for the program to work will be made.

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