Mariano Iúdica confessed that he had a fight with his wife that ended badly

It is very usual that Mariano Judica talk about your private life in each of the programs you lead. He did it in “Polemica en el bar” when his daughter moved to Europe and now, in his new cycle of the weekend on América TV, he admitted the fight he had with his wife.

Since many years, Mariano Judica He is married to Romina Propato, a dancer and coach. Due to a problem that he took care to clarify, the host of “La Noche del Domingo” had a fight of such magnitude that he spent the night in the room of one of his children.

An unmanageable situation.

Mariano Judica revealed that he argued with his wife and despite how well they get along, this time they ended the night, each in a separate bed. He revealed that the reason was because of his dog’s jealousy.

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