Maricarmen Marín thanked all the donations she received at the ‘Babytón’ | VIDEO

After an intense week of collection, the Babytón organized by the cumbia singer Maricarmen Marin and the “Women in command” program managed to add an important donation in favor of La Casita Talita Kum.

In the recent broadcast of the Latina TV program, the interpreter of the songs “La Copita” and “Porque te fuiste”, Maricarmen Marín appeared seated in the truck that carries the donations and thanked all the people for the gesture.

“Here I am with my truck that today leaves for the La Casita Talita Kum Association. We are very happy because throughout this week you They have donated not only all the boxes that we see here, but also cash. So far we are going S / 6,500″, Maricarmen Marín expressed.

“Thank you because we also have 243 diapers, 480 milk jars, 16 toy boxes, 21 food boxes, sacks of rice, sugar, oats, oil, wet wipes, clothes, pajamas and many other things. Thank you very much for your love, your affection and our truck is already full “he added.

As it is recalled, more than a week ago Maricarmen Marín announced the development of the Babyton as an initiative to help the shelters of mothers in need; However, some people criticized that he took advantage of his own Baby shower to give the gifts that they give to his baby. The singer clarified the issue and confirmed that it was a separate event.

“At the beginning, many people were confused and wrote to tell me how I was going to give my little daughter’s gifts, because we had put it like that, like the ‘solidarity baby shower’ … LOr more likely, I don’t have a baby shower and I wanted to share it with you. I did not want to sit and open my gifts but I wanted to do something that really leaves a mark, that can really carry a message “, assured Maricarmen.

Maricarmen on baby shower gifts

Maricarmen on baby shower gifts

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