“Maricucha”: Patricia Barreto reveals how the popular phrase of her character was born

On January 10, America Television presented its new bet: “Maricucha”, a television series starring Patricia Barreto that managed to position itself among the top positions in the rating that day, a fact that was celebrated by the protagonists.

In a recent interview with America Espectáculos, Patricia Barreto thanked viewers for their support of the new series and told little-known details of fiction, for example, the origin of her character’s phrase: “Maricucha, the one who looks at you, the one that speaks to you, the one that listens to you”.

“I thought of a phrase that would represent Maricucha, that would be a bit like remembering her essence. I began to play with what rhymed and with a bit of her, who is supportive and noble. So I said now, I’m going to say it and see if it stickssaid the actress.

I am very happy, grateful for the messages that reach social networks and everyone’s. We are motivating ourselves all the time and we are happy. That is the perfect gasoline to be able to continue”added Patricia Barreto.

As you remember, the first time the popular phrase ‘Maricucha’ was heard was when the protagonist was dressed as a bride to marry ‘Don Toñito’ (Gustavo Bueno) and he introduced her to the rest of the “Los Corbacho” family. .

The new series “Maricucha” can be seen on the screens of America Television from Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm The production brings together renowned actors such as Patricia Barreto, Gustavo Bueno, Andrés Vílchez, Stephanie Orúe, among others.

Cast celebrated the premiere of “Maricucha”

Cast of 'Maricucha' happy for the successful premiere of the telenovela
Cast of ‘Maricucha’ happy for the successful premiere of the telenovela

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