Marie-Antoinette (Canal+): will there be a sequel?

After taking an interest in the creation of the famous château of Louis XIV in the successful Versailles trilogy, Canal+ is drawing up a portrait of Marie-Antoinette with its latest original creation. The young German actress Emilia Schüle portrays a modern version of this great figure in the history of France, alongside Louis Cunningham (Louis XVI), Gaia Weiss (Madame du Barry), Marthe Keller (Marie-Thérèse of Austria) and James Purefoy (Louis XV). The launch of this series, which is one of the highlights of the return of the encrypted channel, is in line with major historical series such as Borgias and Versailles developed by Canal+, always in search of a singularity by standing out from what has been done before. To write this series, the channel called on screenwriter Deborah Davies (The Favorite), which paints a personal, modern and original portrait of Marie-Antoinette.

Marie-Antoinette (Canal+): a series born thanks to a cinema film

Canal+ wanted to develop a fiction on Marie-Antoinette, which fascinated at the time and continues to be an object of fascination. “Following Versailles, we sought to continue this momentum, without opening another history book., and tell the story of Marie-Antoinetteexplains producer Claude Chelli, and at that time, La Favorite was released on the screens. We thought it would be an unattainable dream to work with Deborah Davies. But I called her and she told me that Marie Antoinette was her favorite historical figure. Everything happened naturally and we are very happy with this intimate and original look at a character already represented multiple times.“A joy shared by Deborah Davies.”We just said goodbye to our queenconfided the English screenwriter, Marie-Antoinette was the last queen of France. She was the most charismatic, the most effervescent and the most extraordinary of women and I always wondered how she could have ended up this way.“. This is the question answered by the Canal+ series.

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Marie-Antoinette: Canal+ has planned to develop the series over “three seasons”

After recounting the arrival of the Austrian princess, who quickly becomes disillusioned when she discovers the rigor of Versailles etiquette and the coldness of her husband Louis XVI, Deborah Davies intends to support the portrait of Marie-Antoinette until her tragic end. The first season ends with the image of the queen holding the dolphin in her arms. The birth of an heir was the main issue of this first opus, and the producers and Deborah Davies intend to address the revolution in the rest of the series. “We are writing the second seasonconfirmed Claude Chelli, our thesis and that of Deborah, is that the seeds of the French revolution came from within the royal family, and in particular from the royal or princely opponents. Provence, the king’s brother, and particularly Chartres, who moved to the Palace in the second season, will organize a sort of counter-royalty. This is what season 2 will revolve around.“. The producer also confirms that Marie-Antoinette will count in everything “three seasons“.

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A series to discover on Canal+

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