Mario Barth drinks schnapps shortly before the performance: A rare glimpse filmed behind the scenes

Mario Barth is a full professional. After 20 years of stage experience, however, he is still struggling with severe nervousness. He has now found an antidote to this.

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You rarely see comedian Mario Barth like this: he fidgets nervously backstage before a performance. Then he conjures up his magic bullet: “Very important: fruit cure”.

Germany – Mario Barth is back on tour live after a year and a half of forced break. The comedian is celebrating his 20th stage anniversary with the stage program “Men are pigs, but women are also 2.0”, but is making use of a program that has already been performed. Despite his long career, Mario Barth is still nervous before he has to go on stage. Help is provided by small bottles that have little to do with “fruit cure”.

Mario Barth: Still nervous after 20 years of stage experience

Even if Mario Barth already knows the upcoming program by heart, he is still very excited before his performances. On the occasion of his 20th anniversary, his fans had the opportunity to decide what the 48-year-old should perform. The choice fell on his very first program, so that a remake will now be made on the Waldbühne in Berlin. After such a long time, the comedian will be able to welcome his guests again next week, but he is already running out of pen, as he says. “After a year and a half, it’s that time again next week! Finally live on tour with you again! Will you be there? ”He writes about his video on Instagram, in which he shows a rare moment before one of his shows.

“Irre wa?”: Mario Barth shares a rare moment with his followers

The followers appreciate this recording: “It’s cool that you share something like that with us! On the one hand it is very interesting to see how things go backstage (more of that, please) and on the other hand to see that we are all just human! “. In the video, Mario Barth shows himself from a different side. Still jittery, but visibly nervous and insecure, he stands behind the stage. He goes through the program again, making sure that he has everything right in his head. Then the excitement kicks in: “You don’t want to believe it, for 19 years and 10 DVDs and still the pen goes,” says Barth with wide open eyes, “Irre wa?”. He walks towards the stage, stops in front of a black curtain. “Go on attack”, but it certainly doesn’t work. Then something is handed to him that should calm the nerves with several turns.

Comedian Mario Barth swears by “fruit cure”: high-proof against the excitement

First there is knocking, then screwing: Together with his colleagues, Mario Barth fights against the pressure and excitement. Your weapon is small, clear and strong. “Apple seed or coward?” He shouts into the group. Then he explains the procedure to the camera: “Traditionally it is very important: nutrition. Very important: fruit cure ”. Apple and fig are present, even if only trace elements of them. The comedian likes it, the security employee behind him visibly less. He grimaces while Mario Barth throws away the quickly emptied bottle. Despite the alcohol, he still prances around, hops on the spot and cracks jokes.

Fans celebrate the private recording of Mario Barth

So its tradition didn’t quite help, it’s still very adrenaline-charged. Finally he gets ready for the performance: “I have to go out for a moment, come back soon”. A few stretching exercises follow and the forehand is opened. He walks on stage, deeply relaxed, not a trace of nervousness. The fans find him particularly sympathetic for moments like this: “A really down-to-earth person despite his great successes. Always enthusiastic, ”writes a follower.

He also looked very down-to-earth a few weeks ago when he casually cruised through Berlin on the subway. (ale)

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