Mario Golf Super Rush, the final update arrives with brand new characters and scenarios

Nintendo prepares to bring down the curtain on additional content for his Mario Golf: Super Rush, the new episode of the series released on Switch in June 2021 and which brought the brand back to the scene after several years of absence. The latest update is also very full-bodied, bringing with it new characters and scenarios.

Among the additional golfers we find two beloved minor characters from the games on Super Mario, this is Type Shy and of Torcibruco, which thus join the already full-bodied roster bringing the total of characters available to 22. Also very welcome the introduction of two further paths, these are Plateau of the Shells, consisting only of holes with Par 3, and Star Peaks, where each hole represents a character from the Mario universe.

It’s not over yet, as they are being introduced too new game modes: it’s a matter of Target Golf, where players score points by dropping the ball into a circular target, e One-On, One-Putt, a solitary challenge that can only be played at New Donk City or in the new Plateau of the Shells, and consists of completing each hole with only two maximum strokes.

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