Mario Salas speaks for the first time since his departure from Colo Colo

Mario Salas did not leave Colo Colo well and, since he left Macul, he remained silent. Today the Commander, after his experience in Egypt, spoke for the first time on the ESPN channel.

The former Cacique coach referred to his upstairs to Macul and said that he is not sorry for having been the coach of the most important club in Chile.

“I didn’t think twice, I talked about it with my coaching staff, I got together with them and everything we talked about. We really liked what Marcelo Espina told us and we came immediately. I don’t regret it at all, I’ve been very honest, but I made this decision of Colo Colo with great pleasure and I do not regret having taken it “, he expressed.

He further added that, “We as a coaching staff knew what we were going for, we knew there were players with a long history in Colo Colo, we knew everything, but still we wanted to have this challenge. The first year we talked about it with the leadership and the first objective was to qualify for the Cup Liberators in the group stage and we did it, we also won the Chile Cup, that was a plus. “

Mario Salas also clarified that he felt only communicationally in the Cacique. “In clubs like Colo Colo, which was the club with the greatest media capacity, at times I lacked guidance and guidance from the communications management. At times I was very lonely, my relationship was not good because of the press”, he counted.

Mario Salas in Colo Colo

Finally, he praised the performance of his manager Gabriel Costa. “He has a talent that is now showing it and for me he is the transcendental figure of Colo Colo at this moment”, he sentenced.

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