Marlène Schiappa said to herself "challenged" by the charges against Nicolas Hulot

The Deputy Minister in charge of Citizenship reacted on BFMTV to the new accusations against the former member of the government.

Marlène Schiappa said this Wednesday evening “questioned” by the accusations of sexual assault and rape targeting Nicolas Hulot, her former colleague in the government.

Addressing at first “a thought” for all women who have been victims of rape, sexual assault or sexual harassment, Marlène Schiappa indicates that she does not have any other information than those reported by the press, and by the person concerned. .

Nicolas Hulot formally denied on BFMTV the accusations leveled against him while the show Correspondent Soon broadcast an investigation in which several women implicate the former minister for a priori prescribed facts.

“I heard that there is prescription, it is up to the judge to assess or not whether there has been prescription,” said the Minister Delegate in charge of Citizenship, “we have passed four laws in four years to improve that, to lengthen the statute of limitations, so that women can speak up for up to thirty years after the sex crimes of which they were victims. “

“If there are elements, I hope that justice will open an investigation”

In 2018, during the unveiling of a first investigation into the former Minister of Ecology, Marlène Schiappa had published a forum in the Sunday Newspaper in which she claimed to respect the word of women and indicated that justice “does not go to social networks, does not go to the media”.

“I don’t have the elements […] if there are elements, I hope that justice will open an investigation “, added the minister on our antenna.

Hugues Garnier BFMTV reporter

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