Marley and Mirko will embark on a new project

From your social networks, Marley He recorded a video where he is seen with his son, Mirko traverse a field near a lagoon. There the driver tells the boy that they will embark on a new adventure.

“Here we are Mirko, in the place where your house is going to be built. Because in the house where we currently live, dad already lived there. Before you were born. And suddenly you came into the world and there we said ‘well , now life changes with this beautiful boy,'” is heard in the video where he walks the field.

While he continues explaining to the little boy: “So that you have your own house too, the house of the two of you. Look, there are ducks and swans. There is everything here. We are going to be in the water, we are going to learn to row… Well, do you like it?” he asked.

To close, Marley asked her son to show the architect where he wanted his room: “Show the architect where you want your room to be. Where are we going to make Mirko’s room?”

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