Marley in Qatar: details of the special program he will do for the World Cup

Marley is one of the most recognized figures in Argentine entertainment thanks to the long career he has had in programs such as “La Voz Argentina”, “Por el Mundo” and “Dueños de la cocina”. But this time, the challenges that the driver has with Telefe are much riskier.

As is known, Flor Peña’s colleague is currently in charge of “The Challenge”, a program of physical challenges that will have 18 celebrities who must fight tooth and nail against each other to overcome the challenges and win the sum of 15,000 dollars, and although this project has given much to talk about, it is not the only one that will return Marley to the screen.

Marley is the most recognized figure of Telefe and this is demonstrated by his successes.

A few months ago, Telefe announced that it will make a special at the Qatar 2022 World Cup and the person in charge of leading this team of celebrities will be nothing more and nothing less than Marley. It was Laura Ubfal, in her “Gossip” program, who was in charge of giving unimaginable details.

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