‘Maroon 5’ singer cheating rumor – Did Adam Levine want to name baby after his affair?

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Did Adam Levine Want to Name His Baby After an Affair?

Cheating rumors about “Maroon 5” frontman Adam Levine (43)!

Just five days ago, the singer and his wife, supermodel Behati Prinsloo (34), announced the good news: baby number three is on the way.

Prinsloo posted this snapshot of the baby bump on Instagram

Photo: behatiprinsloo/Instagram

Sounds like perfect family happiness. But now an alleged affair of the rock star is speaking up on the Internet – and claims that something was going on between her and Levine. And that while he was already with his current wife!

The alleged short-term love Sumner Stroh (23) published bizarre messages online that Levine is said to have sent to her. Explosive: In it, the musician asks if he can name his third child after her, his affair.

How bold would THAT be?

The model published the private messages on Tik Tok

The model published the private messages on TikTok

Photo: TikTok/sumnerstroh

Sumner Stroh works as a model in Los Angeles

Sumner Stroh works as a model in Los Angeles

Photo: sumnerstroh/Instagram

More excerpts from the alleged Levine messages to the Instagram model: “I can’t believe how f*cking hot you are. It blows my mind.” In reality, she looked “50 times hotter,” the singer wrote to her.

In her TikTok video, Stroh says that she was naive and easily manipulated at the beginning. She felt flattered by his news.

The Instagram model claims it was never her plan to go public with the story. Her flimsy excuse for putting the Levine news online after all: she sent the screenshots to a friend in confidence – and he sold them to the media.

Levine supposedly couldn't resist these curves

Levine supposedly couldn’t resist these curves

Photo: sumnerstroh/Instagram

Levine and ex-Victoria’s Secret model Prinsloo have been married since 2014. The musician and the model met through mutual friends. She was originally supposed to star in his music video, but ultimately canceled. The contact stayed.

What does she think of the cheating rumors? So far, neither Prinsloo nor Levine have commented on the allegations.

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