Martial arts champion neutralizes man who hit a woman

Ecuador.- A martial arts instructor prevented a man from continuing to attack his partner this week on a street in the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil, after subduing him until the police arrived. According to Ruth Torello herself, she decided to intervene when she witnessed that an argument between the subject and the woman she was with had turned violent.

“The girl was telling him, her husband, to please let her go. When she tries to break away, he throws a right hand at her face. Seeing that reaction, the first thing I did was get between the two of them and grab her wrists the Lord,” said the teacher in an interview for the Guayaquil Mayor’s Office.

Torello threw the aggressor to the ground when he saw that he wanted to continue his attack and immobilized him until the arrival of the authorities, who proceeded to arrest him. “Lots of people were around and no one was doing anything at all,” he said.

The mayor of the city, Cynthia Viteri, commented on what happened on her social networks on Thursday, where she congratulated Ruth, referring to her as “the martial arts champion who works in the municipality giving self-defense classes to girls and women.”

According to information from the Guayaquil Mayor’s Office, the fighter serves as the director of a municipal self-defense academy for women, established by Viteri in 2020 with the purpose that the participants can “defend themselves against an attack of domestic violence or delinquency “. “It is very important that girls and, in general, women, learn martial arts because this is their daily bread. That is why there is violence and crimes, and we cannot allow that,” said Torello.

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