Martín Garrix was in the heights, at the Balloon Festival in León

At the end of his grandiose concert at the balloon festival (FIG), the DJ Martin Garrix did not miss the opportunity to get on a hot air balloon and fly over the city Leon, Guanajuatoso he was very excited.

Yesterday, Sunday, November 20, on the third day of the balloon festivalthe Dutch musician and producer was caught on camera soaring through the sky in one of the few hot air balloons that flew, due to bad weather.

Great Balloon Festival

The creator of songs like “Scared to be lonely”, “Summer days”, “In the name of love”, “Pressure”, “Animals”, were some of the hits that DJ Martín Garrix delighted all Guanajuatenses.

Due to weather conditions, most of the balloons remained on the ground in the morning after the scheduled takeoff time and among the few that did manage to ascend was the official balloon in which the famous DJ would travel through the air.

In the morning, the humidity and the wind, and later a light rain, were not optimal conditions for the takeoff of the crews, whose balloons, for the most part, remained on the ground waiting to be able to rise later, however, this was not an impediment. so that the thousands of spectators could enjoy their walk in the Metropolitan Park.

It was at 6:30 in the morning, Martin Garrix arrived in his truck, at 7 the pilots were notified that the weather conditions were not the best for flights, however, they left open the decision of the crew to take off, and shortly before 7:30 the official balloon where the Dutch DJ would travel rose, leading the ascent of some crews who also decided to take off.

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