Martín Guzmán advanced a bond swap as a refinancing method

Two weeks ago, the country focused on the expiration of almost 600,000,000,000 pesos that the leader of the Ministry of Economy, Martin Guzman, and his team should refinance, which is why it was decided to call for an early exchange of the two letters that encapsulate a large percentage of that capital. The end? Unpack end-of-month payments.

The Minister of Economy.

The conversion led by the economist will take place today. This move by Martin Guzman seeks to transmit calm and stability to the market by trying to direct the financial program for the remainder of the year.

First and second round

And it is that a bad result on the part of the policy implemented at the hands of Martin Guzman could add pressure to the financial dollar. Today, Wednesday, between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., all Ledes S30J2 and Lecer X30J2 holders will have the opportunity to enter this bond exchange and convert their bills for others of the same type, but in the short term.

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