Martin Järborg in nasty accident – forced to leave Nyhetsmorgon: "Loses all air"

Viewers sent in their cringe-at-you greetings to the popular host.

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One of the popular presenters in the long-running Nyhetsmorgon is Soraya Lavasani’s pair horse Martin Järborg. Together, they have become real viewer favorites in the box, and many long for the mornings when the lovely duo steers the boat.

But Soraya has had to manage without Martin for a while, who has been conspicuous by his absence. In Nyhetsmorgon, he now talks about the nasty accident that forced him off the grid.

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Was on sick leave

Yes, viewers were quick to point out Martin Järborg’s sudden departure from the box earlier in September. There were unclear circumstances surrounding where he actually lived, and when Happened checked the situation with colleague Soraya Lavasani, it was clear that it was not only the viewers who missed him in the box.

– Yes, but he has been on sick leave for a while. But he’s actually back next week and running some elections. So it feels great fun. We all miss him, says Soraya to Hänt.

But what it was that was stopping him, she didn’t want to say too much about.

– No, but I think he can do it himself if he wants to. It’s not my place to do that. But he’ll be back soon anyway, that’s good news!

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Fell into the dock

When Doctor Mikael was the usual guest on Nyhetsmorgon last week, the subject of rib fractures was on the agenda. And it would turn out that Martin Järborg, who was one of today’s presenters, had personal experience of the subject – and that, according to TV4, was why he was on sick leave.

– I was going to get off a sailboat in the bow, the concrete jetty was further away than I thought – I crashed into the jetty and there was a bang, says Martin in the broadcast and points to the ribs.

One of Mikael’s points to pay attention to when someone has had an accident, and you suspect broken ribs, is if the person in question is silent. Martin Järborg could recognize himself in this.

– But point three here, because I had the air knocked out of me, you know when you “bang” so that you kind of “oops”, lose all air and then it takes, it feels like forever but it takes a few seconds, says Martin.

A nasty injury, but luckily he is doing better today, but is still not fully recovered as the injury is relatively recent. He tells us that sneezing is still the worst thing there is.

Martin shows the damage.

Photo: TV4

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Photo: TV4

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