Martín Lasarte explains the absence of Leonardo Gil in La Roja

The Triple Date of the Qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup is just around the corner and the Chilean team is already preparing to visit Peru and host Paraguay and Venezuela.

That is why today Martín Lasarte gave a press conference and answered inquiries from the media. The coach spoke of everything and even the players who are not there, like Leonardo Gil.

“To refer to those who are not there, I do not like, everyone knows what the footballer feels, everyone has the right to think that they should be. In the case of Iván (Morales), he was in the triple day where Ben Brereton was not there and Alexis Sánchez. Now they are, even though Vargas is not there. We recover Felipe Mora who has grown up. That is the explanation, there is nothing in particular, we just think that for this moment they are the ones we think are better. “, he expressed.

He further added that, “I understand that from the point of view of journalism or the public or social networks there are players who are considered eligible, not only Leonardo Gil. I don’t like to talk about those who are not. We have a lot of players from the local media analyzed week by week . I understand that it is a delicate moment, I think it is for players with another route, who play in other leagues with other requirements. With the exception of Argentina or Brazil, the South American rhythm is not the same. That does not disqualify them, they have been in microcycles , cited, in matches. Perhaps my assessment is different from yours and nothing else. “

Leonardo Gil in Colo Colo

To finish he said that, “When you find footballers who are knocking on the door with others who are installed and others who have more travel, it is fantastic. But sometimes it does not happen. At a generational level sometimes there is abundance in the center and not with the sides. It does not happen. It is not that there are no laterals, there are, but we understand that there are projects that are designed but they are young and it does not seem appropriate that they fit the Red one now. Given a lack of specificity, for now we prefer to appeal to those with more experience to solve A situation”.

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