Martín Lasarte praised the delivery of Iván Morales in La Roja

One of the surprises of the coach of the Chilean team in training to face Brazil, was the ownership of the Colo Colo forward Iván Morales. Machete leaned towards the Cacique player to be Eduardo Vargas’ partner on offense and it was a success.

This, because despite the defeat by the minimum score against Scratch, Morales showed a good game and fought every ball, as highlighted by the technician once the commitment is complete.

“Ben has adapted well to the team, we have to find an alternative and we use Ivan who is in a great moment, fought, fought and generated, but he didn’t have any left to score, “Lasarte agreed on Morales’ performance.

The coach of La Roja also analyzed the controversial play where Arturo Vidal claims a penalty from Casemiro and was clear in pointing out that “I did not finish getting used to the VAR issue.It gave me the feeling that it could be criminal. We asked the referee to be sure. “

When taking stock of what the game was, he maintained that “I think that in the first half the team was good, we went down close to 25 minutes to finish well. In the second half our worst moments were near the goal.”

Today in the first half we should have been ahead, but if we do not materialize the occasions, it is difficult to make differences. Now, we are obliged to add points in condition of visit “, added.

Finally, he stated that “evidently not having added complications. We have two visits that are not easy (against Ecuador and Colombia), but we have the obligation to add outside and hopefully three points. It has happened to us that we have controlled the matches but without being able to materialize it into goals “.

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