Martín Lasarte values ​​La Roja’s draw against Ecuador

The goalless draw that the Chilean team achieved against Ecuador at the height of Quito, was well valued by the coach of The Red, Martin Lasarte, who stressed that it has been 24 years since units have been added in that territory for the South American Qualifiers.

The valuation of the point was based on what had just happened, Being eleven against ten always ends up being beneficial, but the team had begun to suffer from the physical issue, it was noticeable, they appeared change. In the end we wanted to, but we could not twist it, beyond that we had some option, in something that is our true Achilles heel, “Lasarte began saying at a press conference.

“We cannot ignore and let us not forget that Chile did not score a point here for 24 yearsToday, many young boys participated, took responsibility, they are doing their transmission of information alongside the most veteran. I’m happy on that sideObviously we would have liked to win, we could have done something else, materialized an option, and it is also true that in some against we could have been hurt, “he added, adding value to the added point.

La Roja played much of the second half with one more man due to the expulsion suffered by the Ecuadorian, Junior Sornoza, and Lasarte acknowledged that it took time to make the changes.

“There was a situation with a player, but we were aware of what his status was, apparently he could continue, at other times it gave the feeling that he was not. That made us take longer than necessary, it responded to an important player transmitting his true physical situation at that time“, indicated the DT.

Finally, he referred to what will be the game against Colombia next Thursday and indicated that “it is a different game, it has other qualities. Colombia is another team, it has strengths and others not so much, it is necessary to try to notice any weakness that it may have and minimize its strengths. “

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