Martín Sendoa complied: Facundo Farías stayed in Colón and approached a millionaire offer for the club

Colón is preparing to face Patronato de Paraná in the Copa Argentina, Huracán de Bueno Aires in the Professional League and Talleres de Córdoba in the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores.

Sabalero is going through some difficult days with the future of some players who were champions in 2021. Rodrigo Aliendro, Cristian Bernardo and Federico Lertora are coming to an end in the institution. To these we must add the departure of Lucas Beltrán before the end of the contract.

To highlight the gesture of Facundo Farías

The scorer from the Los Hornos neighborhood in Santa Fe, a confessed fan of Colón, together with his representative and adoptive father, Martín Sendoa, always said that they were going to stay at the club and play the Copa Libertadores with the Red and Black jersey. In addition, the manager of Facundo Farías fulfilled his word and brings millionaire offers to the institution that will become the most important in history.

The concrete thing is that the “Ninja” Sendoa, whom many criticized, total “discoverer” of Facundo Farías and faithful companion since the age of 13 of the kid born in the club’s quarries, kept his word in everything: on the one hand, he he leaves Facundo Farías to finish playing the Libertadores with Colón and takes him out in November.

As Sin Gag learned, Facundo Farías at the end of the tournament will begin to outline his sporting future in other foreign institutions. He could be Spain, Portugal or an English Premier League team.

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