Martine Lunde reacts to referee comments: – Not fun

Martine Lunde and Tarjei Svalastog had to leave the dance floor after Saturday’s broadcast of Skal vi danse: all stars.

It happened despite the pair receiving an eight and two sevens from the judges, after a dance that was described as cute.

Here you can see the dance and the judges’ comments:

The topic during Saturday’s broadcast was “the challenge”, meaning a challenge that had to be implemented in the dance.

The challenge was chosen by the judges and it is the production that chooses the dance form and song, so this is not something the participants choose themselves. However, it is the professional dancer who creates the choreography after these instructions have been given.

Disappointed after comments

After broadcast, the comments from the judges have been excellent for Lunde.

– I don’t think it was very fun, although I understand it was not meant negatively. I wish I could get more comments on the dance and not how I look, says Martine Lunde today.

She has also addressed this in a round of questions on social media.

This is what the judges told Martine and Tarjei

Morten: “This was fun to watch. When I see you and Aleks, Martine, it’s natural to think of Barbie and Ken. And Barbie and Ken they are getting a feature film now with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the lead role, and Barbie she has been relevant for 63 years and in many ways Martine, you are this competition’s Barbie. You are popular with girls, you are beautiful and nice, but Barbie has remained relevant for many years because she has constantly changed her expression and way of communicating and somehow communicated in different ways. I want to see a little more of that from you, because I see the same thing all the time, it’s very sweet, I’m also craving some salty potato chips.”

Trine (to Morten): «I did not understand…”

Trine (to Martine and Tarjei): “But then, you know what, I was really impressed with your slowfox. You know what? You had such a nice movement, you had nice footwork and I kind of thought ok, now we’ve criticized you a bit for these feet of yours and your ankles, and Merete has called them erasers and I don’t know what, but today you stood really nice on your legs and you delivered a lovely slowfox.”

Merete: “You’re so cute. Like a sugar bomb. I completely agree that a little salt like that would have done here. You do the slowfox, when you stand in your arms, it’s fantastic at Tarjei. I think you do it really beautifully, then you have to lift one leg, then that foot hangs again. We’ve talked about it before. You have to lift the leg up behind like that, then it hangs down just like it’s paralyzed. It is important that your foot follows the lines of your legs. That’s definitely progress, next time I’ll see you use your feet properly.”

I think the judges could have given a different challenge

The couple danced the slowfox to the sugary song “Love Story” by Taylor Swift. The theme was weddings and as an extra challenge Lunde was to include her boyfriend Aleksander Sæterstøl in the dance.

– I don’t understand how to make the wedding-themed slowfox very different. It will be very sweet when I have to dance to “Love Story” and have to bring Aleksander with me. It’s hard to make it a raw or sexy slowfox then, so I think those feedbacks were a bit weird.

REACTED: Martine Lunde also addressed the judge’s comments in a round of questions on her Instagram account. Screenshot: Instagram @martinelunde

– I think it’s really cool when you’re assigned a challenge and complete it, then it’s called too cute. Then the challenge should rather be something else.

– Should stay too good to comment on appearance

Lunde is supported by dance partner Tarjei Svalastog, who thinks it’s good that she dares to bring this up.

– The points we got were very good, so it has nothing to do with that, emphasizes the professional dancer and continues:

– Two out of three judges talk about her appearance, and that the dance was too sweet and not salty enough. I think that when you sit as a judge in a program like Skal vi danse: all stars, where the focus is supposed to be even more on the dance, you should refrain from commenting on other people’s appearance.

Svalastog did not react to the topic they were assigned and says that it was not a topic during the week. He himself is satisfied with the couple’s efforts despite the fact that they quit the programme.

– I do what I’m told and try to make the best of it. I made a good slowfox and I think Martine danced it well. Then you can discuss whether she has smiled too much in the dance, but for my part it is the dance that must be judged, so I really hope the judges judge dance in future broadcasts.

The professional dancer thinks the judges planned for the dance to be sweet.

– That is the judges’ challenge. They have given a song that is the cliché song of all time and want Aleksander to join us and dance with us with an engagement and wedding theme. It is clear that it will be a sweet dance, then. If they wanted something else, they would have to give us a challenge with a little more rawness.

The judges answer this

Judge Morten Hegseth was the one who made the reference to the Barbie movie.

In addition, the judge commented that the dance was so sweet that afterwards he wanted more salt.

– What I meant is more about expression than appearance. One should always try to avoid commenting on appearance. That Barbie comment was actually to give Martine a compliment, because Barbie is in the wind like never before. So it’s certainly meant as a tribute.

– Martine reacted that she did not get more constructive feedback on the dance itself, but was left with the Barbie comment and that you wanted more salty than sweet.

– I understand that and take note of that, says Hegseth.

Have a bad time for sending

Merete Lingjærde followed Morten’s comment on broadcast and called the dance too sweet and a sugar bomb.

– I try to be conscious of not commenting on appearance, Lingjærde points out.

– Cute is not a direct way to describe how she looks. It’s just a description of the look, the music and everything you see. I could probably also say that it was beautiful and a beautiful choreography. So it really wasn’t meant to comment on her appearance, she adds.

Both Hegseth and Lingjærde remind us that they have very little time to broadcast, which means that they often have to limit what they comment on.

– We are supposed to be judges and not educators there, so that means we have to say what we have to say in 15-20 seconds, although we would like to have half an hour to comment, at least, Lingjærde points out.

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