Martinique: Journalists targeted by gunfire

Journalists were shot three times in a deserted street due to the strict curfew decreed Thursday evening. Men on two motorcycles shot at journalists who were filming and taking pictures from a distance from a burning dam.

AFP photographer Loïc Venance, two journalists from BFMTV / RMC Sport, Maureen Lehoux and Julien Taureau, and a photojournalist from Abaca Press, Raphaël Lafargue were not injured and had just enough time to get on board from their vehicle and to leave the scene in a hurry.

The helmeted individuals did not follow them.

We got out of the car to film the roadblock from afar. We were near the Levassor canal, very close to the marina, a rather quiet place these last days. We were alone. I saw two motorcycles stop. I shouted: + Damn there are motorcycles! +“, said Loïc Venance.

The journalists had heard that armed men on motorcycles came to provoke the police during the nightly violence.

When getting into the car, there was a first shot. Then two more shots before we go“, detailed Julien Taureau.

We had been touring the city for an hour and a half to witness the violence. We met a lot of policemen who told us to go home. They were super tense. We said to ourselves: + it’s super calm, it’s not normal +“, reported the AFP photographer.

It was truly a night like no other, our third night in a row. There the city was empty and the atmosphere very heavy“, remembers Maureen Lehoux.

Martinique has been in the throes of nighttime urban violence since the call for a general strike launched Monday by the inter-union, to protest in particular against the vaccine obligation.

Several police officers have been the targets of gunfire since Monday, slightly injuring many of them.

Security was tightened ahead of the night from Thursday to Friday, “with a more mobile device and more to target the most difficult points“, according to the prefecture.

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