Marvel: how did Nick Fury really lose his eye?

Nick Fury has the distinction of wearing an eye patch. But why is the SHIELD boss one-eyed? The answer differs if one is based on the comics or on the MCU.

Nick Fury – Credit: Marvel Studios

Samuel L. Jackson recently said he’d rather play roles like Nick Fury than hunt for the Oscars. The SHIELD director appears in a slew of MCU films like Captain Marvel. The latter lifts the veil on his distinctive sign, his famous eye patch, the origin of which until then remained a mystery for spectators.

Fury loses his eye due to the alien Goose scratching him despite looking like a cat. An origin story that has nothing to do with the one told in the comics. In 1976, Marvel Spotlight vol.1 #38 looks back at the protagonist’s eye loss through a flashback to France during World War II. While fleeing the Nazis, he is the victim of a grenade explosion. Enough to make him lose the use of his left eye.

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Marvel’s Most Famous Left Eye

He then underwent experiments under the guidance of Professor Sternberg. And sees his life extended with a longevity serum known as the Infinity Formula. However, he must receive a reminder every year. Without it, he would age 60 years overnight and risk dying.

Going back to his left eye, this one is decked out with an eye patch so as not to interfere with the way he perceives the depth of his field of vision. And when he has to pretend to be someone else, he simply takes off his eye patch and uses a contact lens. An effective technique since his enemies will invariably seek a one-eyed individual, which will allow him to remain incognito.

This origin-story brings a certain depth to the complex character of Fury. It shows once again that Marvel Studios does not hesitate to move away from source works to paint the portrait of its heroes on the big screen. Speaking of which, here are all those Marvel comics moments that got sidelined in the movies.

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