Marvel: MCU Characters That Would Make A Good New Defender Team

There are currently a large number of heroes and new heroes on screen, and this increase means that it is very possible to see The Defenders form in the MCU in the future, only most likely it would not be with the same lineup in the Netflix series, so now that the Multiverse will have more to choose from, with characters like Daredevil, she hulk, Kate Bishop and many more set to make big appearances in Phases 5 and 6.

So while Marvel Studios decides, let’s see what heroes could form this powerful team and take care of the streets, because unlike the series of NetflixThe Defenders, this team that includes Jessica Jones, luke cage, Daredevil Y Iron Fist like its core members, each character got at least two or three seasons of their own shows, so this is just confirmation that Daredevil is returning to the MCU, but whether or not the other three heroes will appear in future projects is unknown.

Meanwhile in the comics there are many other members that join the group before them, so if we look back we know that the original team didn’t really even focus on street level when they first formed, so some of the original Marvel’s Defenders characters in the comics are already or set to debut in the MCU, making it very possible that a Defenders project will look completely different than what we know.

We share the characters that would give us options that could work:

One of the three main founders of the Defenders in the comics in 1971, and being part of the universe, this would give him the opportunity to see more of his potential, this time as a captain and empower World War Hulk, one of the future projects. .

He’s another of the three founders of the original team from the comics, and now that he’s set to debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, there are plenty of opportunities to implement him as part of a future MCU Defenders team, for even though this anti-hero maybe he is like Deadpool, and prefers to work alone, being in the team could give him a solid future in the MCU, forming alliances between different types of heroes.

The final founder of the Defenders in the comics, his potential to be a part of this team in the MCU is very high as he is one of the greatest heroes in the MCU as he tends to do what he thinks is best despite what others tell him, which makes him perfect for a team of temporary alliances that tend to change over time, especially after the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, plus he could recruit different heroes from the MCU to form the Defenders to fight against any multiversal threat.

She is part of the Defenders in the comics, and her skills in war and combat make her an incredible warrior, plus she has faced ruthless enemies in the MCU like Gorr and Helena, proving that she never runs from a threat, no matter how big, which is encouraging to see in the MCU, for her strength and resilience make her a great candidate.

Another member of the Defenders from the comics, and making her part of the Defenders from an MCU gives her the opportunity to dive deeper into the world of superpowers by being part of a street level team rather than a Guardians type of team. of the Galaxy.

This hero is connected to the Defenders in the Marvel comics, in fact, if he teams up in the MCU Defenders, he could face all kinds of threats, especially since he’s a demigod.

He is a member of the Netflix original series, but he is also a part of them in the comics, and his appearances in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Echo and his series Daredevil: Born Again, will give him a greater presence in the Multiverse Saga, for which could be quite important, and you can fit into a wide variety of alliances as you go.

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