Marvel: Miles Morales becomes Thor in the latest What If comic…?, pointed out for being racist

What If…? it’s what would happen if anything happened that didn’t make sense or was different from the norm. In Norse mythology, Thor has always been depicted as a strong, athletic, blond man and marvel comics he followed that origin for his version of superheroes.

However, in the most recent issue of the What If…? comic, the Casa de las Ideas came up with the idea of ​​creating a story in which Miles Moralesthe dark-haired boy from Brooklyn who has the same powers and abilities as Spider-Man, becomes the God of Thunder.

The problem is not that they have created a variant of Miles Morales as Thor, but that, criticized by fans of the comicsare the racist stereotypes presented in the play.

In the fourth and final issue of What If…?, Miles lives in a neighborhood surrounded by dark-skinned people, something that has disappointed some readers who have seen it as a cliché.according to what was reported on the website of culture leisure.

The following is the cover of the comic. Honestly, Miles Morales looks great as Thor.

criticism of the comic

Different comments have been posted by fans on social media to express their annoyance at this comic. They conclude that the stereotypes used are just as insulting to the character of Miles Morales as they are to dark-skinned people.

Interestingly, this is the first What If…? starring Miles Morales and is not written by a black screenwriter, according to reports.

The problem is not the idea, but the racist stereotypes that were put on it“, wrote @Letsf_gopod.

No brother. That new What If by Miles Morales as Thor is bullshit… No, it’s FULL OF RACISM AS HELL. It is so disgusting like the stereotypes”, commented @agravesmistake.

Until now, Marvel Comics has not officially commented on the accusations of fans against this comic, which for many readers, is racist.

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