Marvel releases the new Hawkeye trailer coming to Disney +

Marvel has recently released the second trailer of the TV series Hawkeye, coming to the streaming platform next month Disney+. The second trailer comes out a month after the publication of the first, where the official release date of the series was revealed and finally presenting the character of Kate Bishop, shoulder of Clint Barton.

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Marvel releases the new Hawkeye trailer coming to Disney +

The new trailer for Hawkeye, the Marvel series distributed by Disney + which stars theHawk eye, aka Clint Barton, di Jeremy Renner within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As we learn by seeing the new trailer, the first two episodes, which will be followed by another 4 on a weekly basis, will be published together on November 24th.

As mentioned before, in the series we will also see the debut Hailee Steinfeld in the role of Kate Bishop, a young man who tries to emulate the exploits of the heroic archer, eventually becoming his companion in (dis) adventures. During a recent interview, the actress, who will also participate in the Disney + series Dickinson, based on the story of Emily Dickinson, joked about her preparation for her roles, moving from Marvel comics to lyrics by the American poet.

“As with Emily Dickinson’s books, you are faced with an ever-increasing amount of information. I’ve always liked comics, and I’ve always been drawn to illustration. It has always intimidated me to be in front of 200, 250 pages of pages full of text, and comics have always attracted me because of their graphic aspect. I had a lot of fun reading them, deepening them and grasping all the nuances of Kate Bishop that are there to transpose them into the series, along with other elements as well ”.

The manufacturer of the MCU, and also of Hawkeye, Trinh Tran he told his vision of the series, saying he was excited about having two Hawkeyes and how they will interact with each other. According to him, the series will have the same breath as the Marvel movies, just as he wants it to be Kevin Feige.

You want to come prepared for the vision of Hawkeye? Find our article online with all the comics about the character you should read before starting the series. It is also already known that the TV series will largely take inspiration from the cycle written by Matt Fraction and designed by David Aja. The series awarded to the Eisner Awards was recently collected by Panini Comics in a full-bodied omnibus, which of course you can retrieve immediately on

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