Marvel film d'horreur

Marvel: what is this mysterious horror film project on Disney +

  • A Marvel Executive Wants To See More Horror Content In The Future
  • His remarks echo those of another producer linked to the MCU
  • The Disney studio has been trying out this new genre for a year

It’s a short film that hasn’t been talked about much, and yet it’s worth seeing on Disney+. Werewolf by Nightsigned by filmmaker Michael Giacchino, relies on a very particular black and white aesthetic and a clearly horrifying atmosphere.

According to some Marvel executives, this film, released in 2022, was only a first attempt and there could be other feature films and horror series to come in the MCU. This is the point of view defended by the vice-president of the studio, Stephen Broussard, in the podcast D23: Inside Disney.

The manager thus explains, starting from the example of Werewolf by Night : “This special production itself was done as a unique styling exercise for the holidays, with our good friend Michael Giacchino. But these characters, I mean, come on. They’re too cool to give up. If I have my say, Marvel is going to keep digging into the horror world, digging into the dark side. »

characters to explore

He adds : “There are so many great characters in comics. Elsa, as you said, was fantastic, played by Laura Donnelly. I love Gael Garcia Bernal. I’ve always been a big fan. People really reacted to her relationship with Ted, aka Man-Thing. So there are great characters and a great world and universe. »

The clues that Marvel should get into this horror movie or series project don’t end there. Brian Gay, the producer of the feature film Werewolf by Nightrecently announced to our colleagues from The Direct that this film had allowed “to explore a corner of the MCU”. According to him, it is clear that these monsters will “reappear”.

Anyway, and even if Kevin Feige and the management of the studio have not yet confirmed his words, we can see that Marvel is committed to productions that are a little darker than in the past.

Besides Werewolf by Nightwe can notably cite Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and certain passages of Moon Knight which offer an atmosphere of horror, magic and sorcery.

One can also mention Blade, the film with Mahershala Ali, whose filming could start in May. We will follow the story of Deacon Frost before he becomes a god-vampire.

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