Marvel’s Avengers: no, the game is still not dead!

Do developers know when to let go? Obviously not. Crystal Dynamics lifts the lid on the future of Marvel’s Avengers that won’t be unplugged just yet.

Dead Game? No, Square Enix…sorry Embracer Group now hasn’t said its last word yet. It was thought that the Crystal Dynamics takeover would have accelerated the killing of Marvel’s Avengers and yet…

Mighty Thor is coming by the end of the month

While Babylon’s Fall struggles for its survival and Battlefield 2042 is dropped by EA, Marvel’s Avengers hopes to still have a bright future ahead of it. Proof of this, Crystal Dynamics announces that Mighty Thor, in other words Jane Foster, will soon arrive in the game to celebrate the release of the expected film in our dark rooms this July 13.

The new heroine will join the roster at the same time as the 2.5 update, which still has no precise deployment date. The developers nevertheless claim that it will arrive well on time and that it will be available by the end of the month. Remember that as with all post-launch characters, Mighty Thor will be available for free. She will also have a move set completely different from her male counterpart. For example, she will be able to materialize several objects using the Undrjarn weapon.

The end clap for Marvel’s Avengers?

Will Marvel’s Avengers update 2.5 finally be the last? Well no ! Contrary to what one might think, the takeover by Embracader Group did not calm the ardor of the developers. The game team indeed denies his killing and promises long-term plans. In other words, there will still be updates future even if the title is currently struggling to exceed the bar of 350 active players on Steam.

The few faithful of the game will for example be able to take advantage of several new challenges which will reveal the fate of MODOK. And as Marvel’s Avengers loves to recycle the same bosses, they will have the right to a new confrontation against him. The contents end game will also be enhanced with cloning labs. Now remains to be seen if Crystal Dynamics will actually keep its commitments or if it keeps the game on life support until the collaborations with the MCU are exhausted.

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