Marvel’s Midnight Suns could announce its release soon

We have finally received signs of life from the game Marvel, Midnight Suns, which was delayed to the end of 2021 and has not revealed an official release date as of yet; although, just this week after several of the followers of Marvel they were looking forward to the game, they have already given up hope of being able to get their hands on this title, now, a new online rating has been released.

This last rating comes from South Korea Game Rating and Administration Committee and follows a rating from Australia that came in not long before, meaning these ratings, as well as perhaps more to come, indicated that we could very well hear of a release date for the game soon.

You see, the ranking was spotted on the South Korean gaming leaderboard site and shared on Reddit within one of the subreddits that is constantly looking for these kinds of hints of what’s to come, I mean you can see rating yourself within reddit, the point is, once they start rating, the games are pretty close to being released, so Marvel’s Midnight Sunsa video game published by 2K Games from Take-Two Interactive and developed by phyraxiscould give us news soon.

These types of ratings often precede release date announcements, as just happened with Skull & Bonesand of course, with the Summer Game Fest scheduled to start soon, so there’s a good chance we’ll hear more about these games during the Summer Games event.

Now, Marvel’s Midnight Suns was first announced in August 2021 with a trailer showing off some of the characters that would be in the game, and while the heroes will look pretty familiar to any fan of Marvelthe gameplay may look a bit different, that’s because instead of a traditional action-oriented fighting game, Marvel’s Midnight Suns takes a more strategic RPG approach, which isn’t too surprising considering it comes from the makers of XCOM.

“Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a new tactical RPG set in the darkest side of the Marvel Universe, bringing you head-to-head against the demonic forces of the underworld as you join and live among the Midnight Suns, the last line of defense of the Land”, can be read in a preview of the game.

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