Marvel’s Spider-Man: finally a mod with a 1ʳᵉ person camera, hang in there

Game News Marvel’s Spider-Man: finally a mod with a 1ʳᵉ person camera, hang in there

Some players dreamed of it, a GTA modder did it: here is the first mod allowing to play with a subjective view in Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC. And very clearly, the result is worth the detour… if you have a strong stomach.

Being Spider-Man is not given to everyone

If we had the opportunity to embody Peter Parker a lot of times in the video game, no title has yet had the audacity to offer a first person camera and for obvious reasonss: it’s quite difficult to play for reasons of swaying, dizziness and a whole bunch of other sensory elements. If our journalist is not impressed by the height and his inner ear is perfectly balanced, difficult to say the same about us, common mortals.

And yet, the exercise was worth the effort. A modder particularly known and active in the world of GTA named jedijosh920 has just made a mod dedicated to the PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man, allowing to play with a subjective view! Unlike the one we were telling you about recently which was content to remove the 3D model of the superhero, giving the impression of having a new camera, this hack goes even further. A video demonstration can be enjoyed below.

Towards a VR mode?

The result is quite striking… but probably not intended for everyone: between the violent head movements, the acrobatics and the various effects to transcribe the speed and the precipitation in the vacuum, certain players could well not adhere… and others let themselves be fully tempted.

Necessarily, we then wonder if the other step – that of a mod allowing to play in virtual reality – will soon be completed. We imagine that a stabilizer will have to be applied and well optimized to avoid a deep motion sickness, which could well happen to even the most solid players.

Do you think that such immersion should be integrated into the future Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 by Insomniac Games? Where does this risk distorting or even spoiling the experience?

Marvel's Spider-Man: finally a mod with a 1ʳᵉ person camera, hang in there

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