Marvel’s Spider-Man: this mod will make you nauseous

When we tell you that the modding community is unstoppable. Here’s another Marvel’s Spider-Man example that will change the way you play. But not only.

Since Marvel’s Spider-Man is available on PC, it’s been a bit of a Neu-Neu Party when it comes to mods. As proof, we want this mod which simply allows you to play the entire title in first person. What clearly make you nauseous.

Marvel’s Spider-Man First-Person

Marvel's Spider-Man

Here it is possible to play the game with total immersion. As you can see in the video above, it almost feels like it replicates the movements that are seen in the movies. Especially the first ones by Sam Raimi who used this camera angle a lot to give Spider-Man an impression of speed between buildings.

If the immersion is good in the video when it is only a question of moving, remains to be seen what it gives during the fights. Maybe it will be possible to switch between the different views for more simplicity? JediJosh920, the creator is not at his first attempt in terms of modding since he is also behind Spider-Man’s symbiotic outfit. He’s actually even one of the first modders in the game.

Now the question that remains unanswered is: will the mod be available soon for download? Anyway it is better to have a strong heart. To follow the work of the modder, you can go to his Discord which seems quite active.

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