Marvel’s Spider-Man: what changes on PC compared to PS4 and PS5?

After the great successes of critics and audiences obtained on PlayStation resulting in stellar sales, Marvel’s Spider-Man prepares to land on PCwhere it will be available starting from 12 August 2022 in its edition Remastered view on PS5.

Having been nearly four years since the original release on PS4it is natural to ask what will change in the PC version of the signed game Insomniac Games, as well as of course mouse and keyboard support. Well, the differences are mainly technical: Action / Adventure starring the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man enjoys more detailed graphics in the new version. Polygonal models, reflections, shadows and elements of the scenarios are more detailed, the Ray Tracing is implemented since launch and does not lack the ability to play with frame-rate unlockedthus going beyond 60fps.

Also confirmed the support ad NVIDIA DLSS and monitors Ultra-Wide for an even more immersive experience, without forgetting the implementation of the DLAA which increases the quality of anti-aliasing through deep learning. For more details, don’t miss the comparison between the PS5 and PC versions of Marvel’s Spider-Man to get an even clearer idea of ​​the differences.

For the rest, however, the contents remain the same already seen in the PlayStation versions, without additional content designed specifically for PC, but also without any omissions compared to what Insomniac has created on PS4 and PS5. If you’re ready to dive into the game, here’s how long Marvel’s Spider-Man lasts between main storyline and side activities.

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